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As Steven J Taylor I perform as a solo singer always working self-contained, with superb lighting and pro quality PA system. I am UK based, although have done a considerable amount of foreign work for both cruises and land based holidays at locations from North Africa to The Caribbean and the USA. My British venues include everything from holiday parks to hotels and from social clubs to night clubs and corporate events, so by necessity my repertoire reflects this, ranging from modern hits, back through the ages, covering the great songs of the 60’,s,70’s 80’s and 90's, to the rock and roll era of the 50’s,and depending on the audience, who often love to participate, you may get a little light humour and even find a little jazz in there, I am also a great admirer of the big r&b/soul classics with their timeless appeaI and the classic rock ballads with their equally challenging vocals, with my listening tastes rangeing from,, “irvine Berlin to Jon Bon Jovi, I am, I suppose musically speaking, something of a chameleon, so you really can, expect the unexpected, the one constant, being that the songs I sing are songs I love, and I’m told this comes across in my performance and that this, coupled with the variety of songs available and a close rapport with the audience, gives me the ability to please most of the people “all” of the time.

I am pleased to say that I am considered by most agents to be one of the best singers on the circuit today, and as a result I am always booked well in advance with some dates already taken over 18 months in advance, but, when you love the business you’re in, there’s always room for more.

Steven J Taylor is the stage name of Steve Grey.

Steve began his musical career in the mid 80's fronting rock bands Spearhead and Raindance.

After the demise of Raindance Steve had a fortuitious meeting with old friend and renowned guitarist Keith Fender, who suggested that they form a duo, not the then standard two guitar static exhibit type, but a new exciting concept of frontman/singer and flash lead guitarist, this became Mirror Mirror not so much a duo but a two piece rock band, soon gaining a countrywide reputation and changing the face of duos forever. After three successful years the duo split and Steve took the route suggested by many and became a solo artist and so 'Steven J Taylor' was born. This has proved Steve's best move to date taking him across the world.

From the relatively humble beginings of local pub gigs back in May '96 Steve's voice and stage performance ensured that "Steven J Taylor " quickly became one of the most sort after acts on the South Wales club and pub scene, soon working for every major agent. The name and reputation soon spread further and by summer 2000 Steve was a regular feature at clubs, hotels, major holiday parks and jumpin' jaks/chicago rock venues all over the country. Next step for Steve was to work abroad, but it had to be "quality work" one or two offers came in but Steve had "no interest at all in doing three spots a night in the local tapas bar".The work came, in late '02 in the form of an offer from Thompsons gold hotel holidays, and cruise work soon followed. Since then the voice of "Steven J Taylor" has been experienced in many exotic locations around the world and of course all over the good old UK.

Despite many offers of management and sole representation from agencies, Steve has prefered to remain his own manager, as it leaves him free to retain his loyalty to, and deal personally with, the many differant agents and venues who have in the past shown faith in him. There are many people out there both individuals and companies who have helped Steve greatly along the way, many of which have become close personal friends, you are all very much appreciated. It's been so far so good for Steven J Taylor.

Just a little adjit to say thanks to everyone who helped make last my most successful year to date with over 70 tribute shows and over a 100 S.J.T shows ,once again thanks to everyone involved.

Tribute Shows

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Rod Stewart
Rod Stewart

'Forever Rod' - Rod Stewart

I put this show together for a number of reasons, first and foremost, a love of Rod's music and his wonderful theatrical presentation, secondly the sheer volume of massive hits he's had, thirdly, his vast generation spanning appeal.  I've been doing this show now for just over 6 1/2 years, and it's now recognised as one of the very best "Rod" shows available, which I find rather flattering.

This show itself, does exactly what it says on the tin. My reputation with agents and audiences both here and abroad as one of the UK's better voices, ensures that the most important part of the show, ie: the vocals, are going to be top drawer quality, and the show itself contains hit after hit spanning Rod's amazing 50 year career, from the blues and soul favoured by him in the 60's, through all the huge rock/pop classics of the 70's, 80's and 90's, one or two from the recent American songbook, and of course, the fantastically successful latest album, “time” with the format and set lists closely following those of Rod's hugely successful stadium filling tours of the last few years, and all presented with the swagger and (white) mic stand swinging panache of the man himself and through a top quality professional sound system with lighting to match, but there's more to this show than just the music, think "Rod" and you think Scotland, think Celtic, think costumes and think football, and with this show you get it all, the back drops, the scots flags, the special effects, authentic costume changes, featuring every thing from the celtic shirt and green overtop to the obligatory loose ties and brightly coloured jackets and shoes, and of course plenty of audience involvement, and sing alongs galore, they're all in this show, and yes, you may even get a few footballs kicked into the audience toward the end of the show, and probably end up hoarse, making it all in all a great evenings entertainment for the Rod Stewart fan, and for any lover of good music or those just wanting great fun and a damned good night out.

Jon Bon Jovi
Jon Bon Jovi

'One Wild Night' - Jon Bon Jovi

Having for some time been interested in the tribute scene, I studied that market carefully and realized that despite a huge call for it, pop/ rock is a somewhat neglected genre, except, for some “full” bands, who for most venues are prohibitively expensive, and so I decided that as it’s the singer that is the focal point,(how many go along to see the bass player?) and as a solo act is always affordable, there would be a ready market for the right one, so, mid 2007, I came up with,” One Wild Night”, a tribute to generation spanning superstar Jon Bon Jovi, (see pics). The show itself is presented with full lighting, costumes, effects, fog, backdrops/flags etc and contains all the major hits, inc’ livin’on a prayer, bed of roses, it’s my life, blaze of glory, always, you give love a bad name, dead or alive and many more, from over two decades of one of the worlds most popular bands, the show proved very popular playing to packed houses right across the country,with repeat booking being taken at almost every show, and even enquiries as to whether I “do any other rock tributes”,(which first prompted me to consider “Bono” as the obvious choice, a show now equally popular).

I also offer the show in two formats, either a straight hour of tribute, or one 45 min spot as Jon Bon Jovi and one as myself. This is proving very popular with venues on a tighter budget, particularly pubs as it fills up the evening without the added expense of a support act.


'You 2' - Bono

As mentioned earlier when another tribute show was asked for, Bono was the choice for me on two counts, partially due to my love of U2's music and more importantly because of U2's pre- eminence as the biggest rock act on the planet. 25 years of U2 have given us a fantastic selection of wonderful music and I try to reflect this in the tribute show, digging deep into the early 80's for classics such as 'I will follow' 'Pride' and' New Years Day 'through their blues and soulful years, of rattle and hum up to the thrashing 'Vertigo' and the beautifully haunting tribute to his late father, 'Sometimes you can't make it on your own'. This portrayal of the emerald isle's greatest icon with it's authentic vocals, black outfits and moody lighting is a real venue filler and one serious evenings entertainment for the U2 fan.

Soul Provider
Soul Provider

'Soul Provider'

Although not a 'tribute' to any one artist, this one is another great show, packed with hit after hit, featuring some of the best soul and R&B songs ever written, I'd never be one to 'knock the rock' especially as I believe Myself to be, at heart, very much a 'rock singer', but some of these Soul and R & B classics such as Dobie Greys, 'Drift Away' and When a man loves a woman', or Otis Reddings, Dock of the Bay' etc. bring shivers, add to these some 'motown greats' from the likes of the Drifters and Four Tops, the floor filling soul of Sam Cooke or Lou Rawls and maybe a Michael Bolton style rendition of 'back on my feet again' or the Bee Gee's classic, 'to love somebody' and you have a set of songs just made for serious listening.

This show is vocally, perhaps my biggest challenge, appealing as it does to a wide ranging audience of chilled listeners, each a critic in their own right, so every song has to be sung to the very best of my ability. At the end of this show, believe me, I know I've been singing. The show is aimed at clubs and corporative events and is a real audience pleaser.


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